Express eSATA II SATA Port x2 Express Card 54mm for

PC & Mac



 NEW EXPRESS eSATA II  2 Port Express CARD 54mm

  Slim & Recessed Design 


Adds 2 high speed eSATA ports to your laptop computer

                                                                                         Recessed Design



2Ports 3Gbps SATA II with NCQ, Port Multiplier in ExpressCard/54

This ExpressCard/54 Host can upgrade your Notebook computer to have one SATA II Channels. The board provides a 2X 2.5Gbps ExpressCard/54 interface on the host side and dual, fully compliant SATA II 3Gbps ports on the device side to access Serial ATA mobile external and internal storage devices such as hard disk drive, ZIP drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM


o      48 bits LBA can Break Capacity-Limit to Support HDD larger than 137GB

o      Supports 1-lane 2.5Gbps ExpressCard/54

o      Compliant with PCI Express Specification, revision 1.0a

o      Hot-plug capability

o      Supports SATA II transfer rate of 3.0Gbps

o      Fully compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 specifications

o      Supports two independent Serial ATA channels

o      Independent Link, Transport, and data FIFO

o      Independent command fetch, scatter/gather, and command execution

o      Supports Legacy Command Queuing (LCQ)

o      Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ)

o      Supports Non-zero offsets NCQ

o      Supports Out of order data delivery NCQ

o      Supports FIS-based switching with Port Multipliers

o      31 Commands and Scatter/Gather Tables per Port

o      Completely with drivers for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

o      Supports 64bit / 32bit Windows Vista

o      Linux 32bit / 64bit drivers supported for Fedora Core2, Fedora Core3, Fedora Core4, RHEL 4.0, RHEL 4.0 Up1, SuSE 9.0 SP1 RC5, SuSE Pro 9.3 by SiliconImage SiI3132.

o      Fully RoHS compliant

o   Support Mac OS 10.4.X , 10.5.x, 10.6.X

Chipset: SiliconImage SiI3132

1 x Manual, 1 x Driver CD, 


 Express /54 Card



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