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    PCI-X to x4 PCI Express Adapter Card
  • PCI-X to x4 PCI Express Adapter Card

The PCI-X to x4 PCI Express Adapter lets you install a low profile/half-height x4 PCI Express card into a full height PCI-X (3.3V, 64-bit) slot on a server or other high-end motherboard.
With a physical x16 PCI Express female slot connector, the PCI-X to PCIe adapter card accepts all types of x16/x8/x4/x1 physical PCI Express cards (maximum speed of x4), allowing an older system to run the newest cards.
Physical x16 PCI Express female connector allows x16/x8/x4/x1 cards to fit
Electrically x4 PCI Express compatible, with data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps
Unique rear bracket mating design for low profile/half-height to full profile conversion
Compliant with PCI-X 1.0 and PCI 3.0 specifications
Compliant with PCI Express Base specification 1.0a
Upgrade an older server to be able to use newer PCI Express-based expansion cards
Add dedicated PCI Express graphics to a non-PCI Express server motherboard

Add almost any low profile PCI Express card to a Full Profile PCI-X system at speeds up to 10 Gbps (x4)

The x16 PCI Express connector is only electrically x4 compatible. 
Maximum data transfer rates are therefore limited to x4 speeds.


Chipset PLX PEX8114

Broad operating system support including device drivers for
 Windows® 2000, Windows® XP(32/64)
 Windows® Vista(32/64), Win7 (32/64)

1 x Manual , 1x Standard Bracket 

PCI-X to x4 PCI Express Adapter Card

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