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    PCI Express x1 to  PCI/PCI-X Adapter Card
  • PCI Express x1 to  PCI/PCI-X Adapter Card
  • PCI Express x1 to  PCI/PCI-X Adapter Card

The PCI Express x1 to PCI-X Adapter lets you install PCI/ PCI-X card into a  PCI Express x1  slot

  on a server or other motherboard.

  In Forward Transparent Bridge mode, Configuration cycles originate from the Host on PCI Express  fabric, and are delivered to the PCI/PCI-X Bus segment, by way of the card allow the use  of conventional PCI/PCI-X boards and components in a PCI Express System.

  • Physical  ;PCI-X female connector allows PCI/PCI-X cards to fit
  • Single PCIe x1 board edge connector for insertion into standard PCIe x1 motherboard slot.
  • From factor based on PCI-X electrical and Mechanical addendum to the PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 2.0a.
  • PCI-X protocol at 64-bit and PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 3.0.
  • PCI Express Base specification , Revision 1.0a
  • PCI Bus speeds-25,33,50 and 66MHz
  • PCI-X Bus speeds 50,66,100 and 133MHz
  • Use old PCI/ PCI-X card in to PCI express base motherboard
Chipset   PLX PEX8114


Broad operating system support including device drivers for

 Windows® 2000, Windows® XP(32/64)

 Windows® Vista(32/64), Win7 (32/64)

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PCI Express x1 to PCI/PCI-X Adapter Card

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