The 32 GPIO board provide 32 channel digital expansion board designed for use on the Raspberry Pi.

 The board is based around the MCP23017 16-bit I/O expander from Microchip Technology Inc.

A pair of MCP23s17 expanders are included on the board allowing you to connect up to 32 digital 

inputs or outputs to the Raspberry Pi. The 32 GPIO Board is powered through the host Raspberry Pi 

using the GPIO port and extended pins on the GPIO connector allow you to stack the 32 GPIO along with other expansion boards.

1. JP23  GA0 ~ GA7   U13 Port A       JP24 AA0 ~ AA7     U13 Port B

2. JP25  BA0 ~ BA7   U14 Port A        JP26 GB0 ~ BG7     U14 Port B

3 R61,R62,R63  ( for U13 Address select A0,A1,A2 )

4. R64,R65,R66 ( for  U14 Address select  A0,A1,A2)

5. U13 (21)  23017 -1  Port A,B           

6. U14 (22)   23017-2 Port A,B

7. pin out 2X10 , 

   Bank A(1-10)  GPIO (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,GND, INTA) 

   Bank B (1-10)  GPIO (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,GND, INTB) 


 **          23s17 Datasheet

Download sample program

  Download       User manual   


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi SPI 23s17-2  32 GPIO board

1x manual 

Raspberry Pi spi 23s17 extra 32 GPIO Board

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