Raspberry Pi - SPI 23S17 x8 - ext 128 GPIO Board


spi 23s17 x8 - 128 GPIO Board for

  with 128 GPIO Status LED



128 GPIO output with 128 Blue LED  PCB size 130mm x 95mm


   1. Provide 2x 20x2 40 pin same as Pi, one use 40pin GPIO cable connect to Pi

       one 20x2 40pin  for GPIO pin extra access.

   2. Provide extra i2c pin and spi pin for easy connect device

   3. Provide 128 GPIO status blue LED ,

4. Provide each 23s17 Address select A0,A1,A2

   can rearrange 23s17 location by your order

5.  U2 ,U3 ,U4, U5 ,U6 ,U7,U8 ,U9  23s17 Port A,B

6. Each GPIO pin out 2X10 ,

    Bank B(1-10) GPIO (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,GND, INTB)

    Bank A(1-10) GPIO (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,GND, INTA)




new output test program    23s17-8port-s-v103.py  demo



Download sample program

 23s17-cs0.py     n23s17-cs0.py  

 23s17-8port-s-v103.py     23s17-8port-s-v104.py

 23s17 Datasheet


Download    User Manual

Package Content

   1x  SPI 23S17-8-ext  128 GPIO board

1x manual

Raspberry Pi


i2c 23017-8-ext


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