Raspberry Pi - Step Motor & I2C 1-Wire Board






The 1-Wire port is based around a DS2482-100 I2C to 1-Wire bridge device. The DS2482-100 provides bi-directional protocol conversion between the I2C port on the Raspberry Pi and any attached 1-Wire® slave devices. An ESD Protection Diode is used to protect the Board and Raspberry Pi from electrostatic spikes on the 1-Wire port. Connections to the 1-Wire port can be made through pin on the PCB. 


1. J2 J3  Step motor connector J2 (5V,D0,D1,D2,D3)  J3(5V,D4,D5,D6,D7) 

      can use Step motor (28BYJ-48 5VDC)48 5VDC)48 5VDC)48 5VDC)8 5VDC)

2. J20   5V,GND, D0, D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7   OUTPUT

3. U5 ULN2803 8 darlington transistor array

4. J19  i2c output (GND,5V,SDA,SCL)

5.  JP4 choose 5V input from Mini USB Port J7 or RS-Pi 5V

6. J7  Mini USB 5V input

7. U15 DS2482-100 I2C to 1-Wire bridge device

     J22 1-wire Port pin 1 - pin4 

     (5V,GND, OW (1-Wire Data, ESD Protected). RT (1-Wire Return/Ground ,ESC protected)

8. U16 DS9503P ESD protection diode


    U5 uln2803  use  RS-Pi  pin 11,12,13,15,16,18,22,7 as GPIO 0 to GPIO7




    18  -> DS2482-100    I2C  1-Wire  bridge chip

   /28.7E1CC8030000    -  Connect   &  Detect  DALLAS 18B20P   TEMP Sensor


 /28.7E1CC8030000    -  Connect   &  Detect  DALLAS 18B20P   TEMP Sensor

cat temperature   --    22.312    &  32.125



Test Program download


 1step.py    for 1 Step Motor on J2 

 2step.py for 2 Step Motor on J2 J3

 2step-v2.py for Rs-Pi V2 2 Step Motor on J2 J3             



Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi 2803 - i2c-1-Wire board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi




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