Raspberry Pi - L293D-1 2 Motor Board


Raspberry Pi - L293D-1  2 Motor Board with 5V LDO





  1. This board use   RS-Pi  GPIO 17,18,27,22  for two Motor

       GPIO 17,18  for MA1  GPIO 27,22 for MB1

   2, GPIO 17,18,27,22,23,24,25,4 with status LED easy too know the GPIO high/low

   3. GPIO 23,24,25,4,7,8,9,10,11 have GPIO pin for software PWM (Servo Motor) or sensors

4.   2 i2c device input port     J1  GND,5V,SDA,SCL     

                 5V Port with Logic Level converter protect

                                            J30 GND, 3V3,SDA,SCL

     for plug-in other sensors

   5. Red LED for Power Status for Motor (V+ input)

   6. 5V LDO regulator   - input DC 7.2V to 9V      output 5V

     Rs-Pi-L293d-1-pw plug in Raspberry Pi       


  Full Support by our Pi_Scratch software can be very easy control by Scratch

  Pi_Scratch detail    Scratch driver software 


 (1) BASIC GPIO Motor control


   BASIC GPIO Motor on off control

define GPIO 17,18,27,22, as output

1. GPIO 17,27 LED "ON"  &  18,22  LED "OFF"    car move forward

2. GPIO 18,22 LED "ON"  &  17,27  LED "OFF"    car move backward

3. GPIO 18,27 LED "ON"  &  17,22  LED "OFF"    car turn right

4. GPIO 17,22 LED "ON"  &  18,27  LED "OFF"    car turn left

5. GPIO 17,27 LED "OFF"  &  18,22  LED "OFF"   car STOP                                                               


 (2) PWM GPIO Motor control


 A - GPIO 17,18  Motor A     B - GPIO 27,22   Motor B

  command "Motor Name"+ "DM"+"speed"

speed (10 ~100)   clockwise 

speed (-10 ~ -100) anticlockwise 


ADM100   DC  Motor A  full speed 100

BDM100   DC  Motor B  full speed 100

ADM50   DC  Motor A  speed 50

BDM50   DC  Motor B  speed 50

ADM-100   DC  Motor A  anticlockwise full speed 100

BDM-100   DC  Motor B  anticlockwise full speed 100

ADM0   DC  Motor A  stop

BDM0   DC  Motor B stop


   Test Program

2motor.py   4motor.py  

 User Manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi L293d-1-pw  2 Motor Board

1x manual 



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