Raspberry Pi - L293D-2 4 Motor Board


Raspberry Pi - L293D-2  4 Motor Board

Support Rs-Pi V2 P5 get extra 4 GPIO(28,29,30,31)








  This board use   RS-Pi  pin 11,12,13,15,16,18,22,7 as GPIO 0 to GPIO7

  GPIO 0 ~ 3  for MA1, MB1

  GPIO 4 ~ 7  for MA2, MB2

GPIO 28 ~31  (need V2 - P5 connector) for ultrasonic sensor connector (2GPIO , one for Trig, one for Echo) or other devices

2 extra 12c input for sensors  (5V or 3v3) (5V port with Level converter)



                 Rs-Pi-L293d-2-p5  plug in Raspberry Pi      


    Rs-Pi-L293D-3    4 Motor  demo

   4 x DC 5V motor     1 x ultrasonic module  1x WiFi USB dongle

   1x Bluetooth USB dongle   1x 2 channel Level Converter

  1 x  Raspberry Pi type B- V2 512MB

  1x RS-Pi- 4USB hub Board

  1x Rs-Pi-L293D-3 Motor Board


Test Program

2motor.py  4motor.py   6motor.py


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi L293d-2 (P5) 4 Motor Board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi



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