Raspberry Pi - RS232 COM &

   serial console Board E02 Kit01


  Raspberry Pi - RS232 COM & Serial console Board E02

Kit01  -- Bluetooth 2.0 module   --

--  Female DB9 to 3.5mm serial console cable


   with 150 cm Female DB9 to 3.5 mm serial cable  + Bluetooth2.0 Module


Raspberry Pi - RS232 COM & Serial console  Board

1. provide DB9 male COM port

2. provide i2c DS1307 RTC with CR1220 bauk-up battery

3. provide RFID socket ( SPI signal) / NRF24L01 socket (SPI signal)

    you can choose use RFID or NRF24L01  ( both use SPI signal)

4. Provide 2 extra i2c device input port, one for 3.3V, one for 5V (with Logic Level converter)

5. provide 3.3V power Regulator for 3.3V device ( RFID/ NRF24L01) i2c device

6. provide 3.5mm serial console cable socket,

7. provide jumper setting can change 3.5mm output TX, RX position.






     1.  Bluetooth V2.0    2. ESP8266 Serial WiFi Module
     3. RFID Reader       4. NRF24L01


3.5mm serial console cable setting

for serial console function you can setting 9600 or default 115200

RS232 console setting  Detail


3.5mm serial console cable




  E02 -- 3.5mm Audio console port to PC-USB serial Port


  Bluetooth V2.0 serial console to Andriod Tablet




  User Manual     


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi RS232 COM & serial console -E02 Board

1x 150cm Female DB9 to 3.5mm audio serial cable

1x Bluetooth 2.0 module

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi

serial Port



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