Raspberry Pi - DHT22 - AM2302

  Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor



           DHT22 - AM2302  with 3 20cm male to male  cable




	Type: AM2302 /DHT22
	Voltage range: 3.5V-6V DC       Humidity range: 0%-100%RH 
	Temperature range: -40C to 80C
	Humidity accuracy: 2RH%     Temperature accuracy: 0.5C   
	Size: 3*1.3*0.6 cm



  Support our scratch driver software, can be easy use in scratch

   Scratch driver software


 1.broadcast "DHT22INIT" +"27" GPIO number  

   in Sensing --> Slider , you will see the

    "DHT22-27Humidity"  & "DHT22-27Temp"  in the list       


DHT22 python program

"sudo python dht22.py 4 "   4  is GPIO number (P1 pin7 GPIO 4) you can use other GPIO pin number



 Demo Python program

   DHT22    User Manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi DHT22 - AM2302  Sensor

3x 20cm male to male cable

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi




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