Raspberry Pi - Edu Learning Board with Kits


  Raspberry Pi - Edu Learning Board with Kits



1.The EDU Learning Board provide RTC clock with CR1220 3V Backup Battery.

2. provide 2 switch control 2 sets Traffic light , provide python traffic light program.

3. provide RFID socket ( SPI signal) / NRF24L01 socket (SPI signal)

    you can choose use RFID or NRF24L01  ( both use SPI signal)

4. Provide 2 extra i2c device input port, one for 3.3V, one for 5V (with Logic Level converter)

5. provide 3.3V power Regulator for 3.3V device ( RFID/ NRF24L01) i2c device

6. provide DS18B20 temperature sensor socket (GPIO4)

7. provide IR Receiver sensor socket (GPIO23)

8. provide IR PIR motion sensor socket (GPIO23)

9  provide 2  5V 28BYJ-48 Step Motor socket (5V can select from Pi or external)

   (GPIO 17,18,27,22) Step Motor 1, (GPIO 23,24,25,4) Step Motor 2

10 provide 1 buzzer  (GPIO24)

11, provide 2 sets traffic light

 first set traffic light   Red (GPIO19), Yellow(GPIO13), Green (GPIO12) ,Switch 1(GPIO20)

 second set traffic light  Red (GPIO16), Yellow(GPIO21), Green (GPIO26) ,Switch 2(GPIO6)



Sensors & Modules

  1. DS18B20 Temperature sensor x1

  2. NRF24L01 Transceiver    x1

  3. RFID Reader  Kits

    ( 1x Rs-Pi  RFID Reader,  1x S50 Fudan  Card , 1x Key Chains )

  4. IR remote control  x1  

  5. IR  Receiver Sensor  x1

   6. 5V 28BYJ-48 Step Motor  x1

   7.  DC 5V Micro Fan

   8.  IR PIR Motion Sensor




1) Raspberry Pi image with  Pi_Scratch_v273 ready   for Raspberry Pi B+ (B Plus)

Download   IMG    rs-pi-edu-pi-v1.img   -  Raspbian Wheezy  2014-09-09   3.81GB

    rs-pi-edu-pi-v1.zip   01  02  03   -  img to 3 zip use 7-zip software  1.108GB

 ready to use Pi_Scratch_v273 with  Auto Login & Auto Load Pi_Scratch &  SSH enable -- 

 SSH enable --  user - root   password : pi  for 4GB SD card   use Win32DiskImager


2) Raspberry Pi image with  Pi_Scratch_v276 ready   for Raspberry Pi B2/A+/B+

Download  IMG  Pi_Scratch_276-Pi-2.img - Raspbian Wheezy  2015-02-16   3.81GB

       Pi_Scratch_276-Pi-2.img   01  02  03  04   -  img to 4 zip use 7-zip software  1.34GB

 ready to use Pi_Scratch_v276B with  Auto Login & Auto Load Pi_Scratch &  SSH enable -- 

 SSH enable --  user - root   password : pi  for 4GB SD card   use Win32DiskImager



Demo software Pack   EDU-PacK.tar

or   sudo wget http://pridopia.co.uk/pi-pgm/EDU-Pack.tar


User Manual    

  EDU Learning Board User Manual    v1.0  PDF format    14.9MB



Package Contentt

  1x Rs-Pi Edu Learning  Board with Kits

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi



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