Raspberry Pi - Edu Learning Board-V2 E01







      Minecraft Pi Traffic light demo -   with EDU-V2-E01 board


      Minecraft Pi  &  RFID reader change block demo -   with EDU-V2-E01 board


1. EDU-Learing Kit-V2   EDU-V2-E01

-- Module /sensor GPIO Learning Kits  

  ( support Raspberry Pi B2/A+/B+)




1.The EDU Learning Board provide RTC clock with CR1220 3V Backup Battery.

2. provide 2 switch control 2 sets Traffic light , provide python traffic light program.

3. provide RFID Reader socket ( SPI signal) / NRF24L01 socket (SPI signal)

    you can choose use RFID or NRF24L01  ( both use SPI signal)

4. Provide 2 extra i2c device input port, one for 3.3V, one for 5V

5. provide 3.3V power Regulator for 3.3V device ( RFID/ NRF24L01/ESP8266) i2c device

6. provide DS18B20 temperature sensor socket (GPIO4)

7. provide IR Receiver sensor socket (GPIO23)

8. provide IR PIR motion sensor socket (GPIO23)

9  provide 1  5V 28BYJ-48 Step Motor socket (5V can select from Pi or external)

   (GPIO 17,18,27,22) Step Motor

10 provide 1 buzzer  (GPIO24)

11  provide 2 sets traffic light

 first set traffic light   Red (GPIO19), Yellow(GPIO13), Green (GPIO12) ,Switch 1(GPIO20)

 second set traffic light  Red (GPIO16), Yellow(GPIO21), Green (GPIO26) ,Switch 2(GPIO6)


Below are the new functions we added in V2 
  • 2 x R,Y,G LED display stand set
  • 2 x Servo motor socket
  • HAT EEPROM 24c32 support on board 
  • 1 x DHT22 Temperature & Humidity sensor socket
  • HY-SRF05 Ultrasonic distance sensor socket
  • 16x2/20x4 character LCD socket
  • 84x48 Pixels Monochrome LCD socket

Advance user   --------   in AT command mode

  • ESP8266 Serial WiFi module socket        Spec  AT command   Datasheet    AT Example
  • Bluetooth 2.0 module socket         AT command  Datasheet
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE        AT command  Datasheet

1. Traffic light set                   2. Bluetooth v4.0 0 BLE
3. RGB Light E03 module      4. Bluetooth v2.0



1. 2 x SG90 Micro Servo        2. RFID Reader
3. NRF24L01 RF Module       4. 5V 28BYJ48 Step Motor


     1. Ultrasonic distance sensor                 

 2. DHT22 Temperature & Humidity sensor

    3. 84x48 Pixels Monochrome LCD          

 4. 16x2 character LCD


1. 20x4 character LCD  with DS18B20 Temperature sensor

2. PIR motion sensor  with DS18B20 Temperature sensor


1. Bluetooth V2.0 serial console to Andriod Tablet
2. ESP8266 Serial WiFi module


HAT EEPROM read/write demo


NRF24L01 RF module demo -- provide python program send message , need two of  Pi , one use Mes.py one use Recv.py 


***   AT command in CuteCom demo for ESP8266WiFi serial module & Bluetooth 2.0/4.0 BLE  (for  EDU-V2-E01 & EDU-V2-E02)

Bluetooth v2.0 HC-05 AT command  in CuteCom


Bluetooth v4.0 BLE  HM-10 AT command  in CuteCom


ESP8266 WiFi serial module AT command  in CuteCom


ESP8266 WiFi serial module AT command example 
** Join Router 
AT+CWLAP     ---- search WiFi Network
AT+CWJAP="your ssid","password"     join your Router Spot
AT+CWJAP=?      ---- check if connected successfully


**** Acting as a TCP Client


Specify which connection channel you wish to connect on ( 0 - 4 ), the protocol type (TCP/UDP), the IP address (or domain if you have DNS access) and the port number using the CIPSTART command:


You should receive the response OK followed by Linked when the connection is open:


This time, instead of an “OK” response your will get a > prompt:

GET / HTTP/1.0

The module should respond with: SEND OK

The module should provide a second response once the web server responds:


The 4 indicates it’s data from connection channel 4 and the 529 indicates there’s 529 bytes of data. You should now see the data:

HTTP/1.0 302 Found

Cache-Control: private

Content-Type: text/html: .......



**** Acting as a TCP Server

1. Connect to a WiFi access point.

2. Enable multiple connections. AT+CIPMUX=1

3. Find out the IP address of the module: AT+CIFSR

Note the response, e.g.:

4. Set the module to listen (first parameter, mode is set to 1 ) for a connection on a specific port

(in this case port 1336): AT+CIPSERVER=1,1336

5. From another device on the same network connect to the listening port, e.g. with telnet:

use PuTTY login from PC

The module should display: Link

Type some text into the telnet session, e.g.: this is a book

The module should display the following ( 0 being the connection channel, 14 being the length of the data received: +IPD,0,14:this is a book   OK



use PuTTY Telnet function to login from PC



different package sensor and modules for EDU boardard

Module set E01-M011
1. PIR motion sensor  2.Mini 5V Fan   3, SRF05 UltraSonic sensor 
4. DS18B20 Temp Sensor  5. DHT22 Temp & Humidity Sensor
6. RYG LED stand set x2 



Module set E01-M02
1. PIR motion sensor   2.Mini 5V Fan    3. SRF05 UltraSonic sensor 
4. RFID Reader Kit   5. NRF24L01 RF module   
6. DHT22 Temp & Humidity Sensor  7. ESP8266 Serial WiFi module 
8. Bluetooth V2.0  module   9. RYG LED stand set x2  
10.DS18B20 Temp Sensor   11. IR received sensor 


Module set E01-M03
1. PIR motion sensor 2. 5V Step Motor   3. 5V Mini Fan  
4.16x2 character LCD 5. RFID Reader Kit   6.NRF24L01 RF module 
7. SG90 Micro Servo  8. SRF05 UltraSonic sensor  
9. RYG LED stand set x2  10. DHT22 Temp & Humidity Sensor 11.DS18B20 Temp 12. IR Received sensor 
13. ESP8266 Serial WiFi module  14. Bluetooth V2.0  module
15. Bluetooth V4.0 BLE module



Module set E01-v1-2-v2 
1. 16x2 character LCD  2.SG90 Micro Servo
3. SRF05 UltraSonic sensor   4. DHT22 Temp & Humidity Sensor   
5. RYG LED stand set x2   6. ESP8266 Serial WiFi module 
7. Bluetooth V2.0 module 8. Bluetooth V4.0 BLE module




1) Raspberry Pi image with  Pi_Scratch_v276 ready   for Raspberry Pi B2/A+/B+

Download  IMG  Pi_Scratch_276-Pi-2.img - Raspbian Wheezy  2015-05-05   3.81GB

    edu-kit02-v2-26-06-2015.img   01  02  03  04   -  img to 4 zip use 7-zip software  1.34GB      1,2,3 - 378880KB, 4 - 155954KB

 ready to use Pi_Scratch_v276B with  Auto Login & Auto Load Pi_Scratch &  SSH enable -- 

 SSH enable --  user - root   password : pi  for 4GB SD card   use Win32DiskImager



Demo software Pack   EDU-PacK-v2.tar

or   sudo wget http://pridopia.co.uk/pi-pgm/EDU-Pack-v2.tar


User Manual    

  EDU Learning Board -v2 User Manual    v1.0  PDF format   19.51MB



Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi Edu Learning  Board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi





 Scratch driver for Raspberry Pi  

   Pi_Scratch software



    ESP8266WiFi Module


    Bluetooth console


      Win10 IoT Core






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