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Raspberry Pi - Edu Learning Board





Provide RTC DS1307 CR1220 backup Battery



1.The EDU Learning Board provide RTC clock with CR1220 3V Backup Battery.

2. provide 2 switch control 2 sets Traffic light , provide python traffic light program.

3. provide RFID socket ( SPI signal) / NRF24L01 socket (SPI signal)

    you can choose use RFID or NRF24L01  ( both use SPI signal)

4. Provide 2 extra i2c device input port, one for 3.3V, one for 5V (with Logic Level converter)

5. provide 3.3V power Regulator for 3.3V device ( RFID/ NRF24L01) i2c device

6. provide DS18B20 temperature sensor socket (GPIO4)

7. provide IR Receiver sensor socket (GPIO23)

8. provide IR PIR motion sensor socket (GPIO23)

9  provide 2  5V 28BYJ-48 Step Motor socket (5V can select from Pi or external)

   (GPIO 17,18,27,22) Step Motor 1, (GPIO 23,24,25,4) Step Motor 2

10 provide 1 buzzer  (GPIO24)

11, provide 2 sets traffic light

 first set traffic light   Red (GPIO19), Yellow(GPIO13), Green (GPIO12) ,Switch 1(GPIO20)

 second set traffic light  Red (GPIO16), Yellow(GPIO21), Green (GPIO26) ,Switch 2(GPIO6)


   The EDU Learning Board can connect devices as below

  1. DS18B20 Temperature sensor x1

  2. NRF24L01 Transceiver    x1

  3. RFID Reader  Kits

    ( 1x Rs-Pi  RFID Reader,  1x S50 Fudan  Card , 1x Key Chains )

  4. IR remote control  x1  

  5. IR  Receiver Sensor  x1

  6. 5V 28BYJ-48 Step Motor  x1

  7.  DC 5V Micro Fan

  8.  IR PIR Motion Sensor



Support our Pi_Scratch software   Detail

(1) Traffic light demo


Basic Traffic light demo


(2) Temperature Sensor & Buzzer & fan control

Command " TEMPB20"   to active 1-wire in pin7(GPIO4)

1.broadcast ""TEMPB20" 

2. after broadcast  in Sensing --> Slider ,

you will see the " Temp18B20"  in the list

(3) Step Motor control

  command "SMOTORainit"   initial  GPIO 17,18,27,22 as A Step Motor Port 

  command "SMOTORbinit"   initial  GPIO 23,24,25,4  as B Step Motor Port

  command "SMOTOR"  + speed (3-50) +(a or B ) + output step

  100  --- clockwise 100 step  ,  -100  --- anticlockwise 100 step

  a --  GPIO 17,18,27,22   , b  --  GPIO 23,24,25,4  


(4)RFID reader

the RFID socket we use CE0 for signal



 1)Command "RFID"+"INIT"+"0" 
  will initial SPI signal to active RFID Reader
 2) you will see "LastRFID" & "RFID" in Sensors

RFID scratch demo code

(5) RTC demo

send    broadcast "rtc"   then broadcast "update"

after broadcast "Update"   in Sensing --> Slider , you will see the RTC  in the list

"Year, Month, Day, Date, Hour, Minutes, seconds"



(6) IR Remote control demo


1.broadcast "LIRREMOTEINIT" 

2. after broadcast  Press the key in remote control you want use in Scratch

in Sensing --> Slider ,    you will see the key you press in the list




(7) IR Infrared PIR Motion Sensor  demo

1.broadcast "pir" + "init"  +  "23" GPIO 23 as input  

 2.in Sensing --> Slider , you will see the   "PIR-23"   in the list       



(8) NRF24L01 demo


NRF24L01  WiFi Scanner demo


(9) use SSR AC control box control AC device



1) Raspberry Pi image with  Pi_Scratch_v273 ready   for Raspberry Pi B+ (B Plus)

Download   IMG    rs-pi-edu-pi-v1.img   -  Raspbian Wheezy  2014-09-09   3.81GB

    rs-pi-edu-pi-v1.zip   01  02  03   -  img to 3 zip use 7-zip software  1.108GB

 ready to use Pi_Scratch_v273 with  Auto Login & Auto Load Pi_Scratch &  SSH enable -- 

 SSH enable --  user - root   password : pi  for 4GB SD card   use Win32DiskImager


Demo software Pack   EDU-PacK.tar

or   sudo wget http://pridopia.co.uk/pi-pgm/EDU-Pack.tar


User Manual    

  EDU Learning Board User Manual    v1.0  PDF format    14.9MB


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi Edu Learning  Board




Raspberry Pi



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