P-HAB GPS & FM Antenna Set  





  GPS Antenna

 Active GPS Patch antenna with built in LNA. Supplied with 3 meter of RG174 terminated with an  SMA male. Supplied in a water proof package with a magnetic base. 

1.Product Model GPS
Connector or Cable: RG174,L=3M

2.Dielectric Antenna
Center Frequency:  1575.42+-3 MHz
V.S.W.R:  2:01
Band Width :  +- 5 MHz
Impendence :  50
Peak Gain :  > 3dBic Based on 7*7cm ground plane
Gain Coverage: >-4dBic at -90 <0 <+90 (over 75 Volume)
Polarization:  RHCP

LNA Gain Without cable:  28dB Typical
Noise Figure:   2.0dB
Filter Out Band Attenuation :  (f0=1575.42MHz)
 7dB Min f0+/-20MHz;
20dB Min f0+/-50MHz;
30dB Min f0+/-100MHz
V.S.W.R:  <2.0
DC Voltage: 3V, 5V, 3V to 5V or other
DC current: 7-10MA

Weight :  60 (g) gram
Size :45*38*15mm
Cable:RG174 3M
Connector: SMA(MCX, MMCX, SMB can be optional)
Mounting: Magnet sticking
Housing:  Black

Working Temp: -40~+105
Waterproof test:  4 hours under the tap, let the water rushing on the housing; 4 hours after picking up product, no water at the bottom of the phenomenon, the description for this product has a good waterproof function.
Vibration:  Sine sweep 1g (0-p) 10 ~ 50 ~ 10Hz each axis
Humidity:  95% ~ 100% R


FM Antenna

1. SMA cable
2. RF pigtail cable
3. SMA Plug, Male pin
4. 25cm RG174cable

You need cut into 16cm for this HAB project




Package Content

  1x GPS Antenna  3M

1x FM Antenna 25cm




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