IoT Power-V1 module Board


IoT Power module


 Basic IoT-Pi-R1 system  with Power module & sensor / relay  without extra  module board

1. IoTPi-R1 SmartHome System Board
2. Pi-SmartHome IoT Pi System DC 5.0V system power voltage meter
HTU21D Humidity & Temperature Sensor
DHT22 Humidity & Temperature sensor
5. GPIO output to 4 relay board
6. Switch & System LED board
BMP085/180 Barometric Pressure/Temp/Altitude Sensor
8. Extra GPIO output to 4relay board
9. IoT-Power board for system, relay & sensor
10. Mini fan for IoT-Pi system
11. DC 12V input


Package Content

  1x IoT-Power-V1  Module Board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi




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