IoT-AD-DA module Board




The 18bit ADC to work as a single ended A/D converter using the internal 2.048V reference voltage with the -V pins tied to ground.   A voltage divider extension board plug-in brings the input voltage range to a much more useful 0 5.06V. In this configuration the sample size is 17 bits for each channel.


IoT-Super-AD-DA can plug in B2/B+ for function board


         IoT-Super-AD-DA Full function

         18bit ADC (4 channel x2 )8 channel

           16bit/12bit  ADC 4 channel  up to 8 channel

           8 bit ADC 8 channel, DAC 2 channel

           12bit DAC 1 channel , up to 2 channel    


 ADC  Application :  Soil Probe sensor  (  soil moisture sensor) 

                                  DC Voltage detect , Light detect , fire detect

                                  AC current detect 


  Soil Probe sensor  (  soil moisture sensor)



Work with IoT-Pi R1/R0 smarthome with below function example

(1)Enable 18bit 8 channel ADC control panel



(2) Enable 8bit 8 channel ADC &  2 channel DAC control panel


(3) Enable 16bit/12bit  4 channel ADC


Enable 12bit DAC up to 2 channel




Package Content

  1x IoT-S-AD-DA Module Board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi




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