Raspberry Pi -  IR Infrared PIR Motion Sensor





            IR PIR motion sensor module   with 3 x 20cm male to male  cable


Pyroelectric PIR sensor, Fresnel
Low-power, static power 65uA
Wide voltage range, DC 5V-20V
Board small size 38 * 28mm (32 * 24 * mm)
Repeatable / not repeatable trigger mode selection
Easy to use, power + - signal output
7 m sensing range
110 degree angle sensor
Electrical Parameters:
Operating voltage range of 5-20V DC voltage
65uA quiescent current
High output level 3.3 V / Low 0V
Non-repeatable trigger L trigger / H Repeat Trigger
PCB dimensions 38 * 28mm (32 * 24 * mm)

Security products, Toys, body sensor lighting control, industrial automation consisting of passive infrared sensing of a security zone for automatic lighting, lighting and alarm systems.


The solder pads allow you to choose if the output should automatically reset itself after it is triggered. If set to Auto-reset the sensor will stay high until the motion stops. After motion is no longer detected the output will go low. If set toNo reset the sensor will stop sensing once it has triggered, and stays high for the preset time period. To choose one of these settings, simply create a solder-bridge between the labelled pad and the pad in the middle.

The potentiometer labelled Sensitivity allows you to select the distance that the sensor will work over. It can be varied from approximately 3m to 7m.

The potentiometer labelled Output timing adjusts how long the output is held high after the sensor is triggered. This can be varied from approximately 5 seconds to 300 seconds.




  Support our scratch driver software, can be easy use in scratch

   Scratch driver software



    use GPIO 29 for Digital input

 1.broadcast "pir" + "init"  +  "29" GPIO 29 as input  

 2.in Sensing --> Slider , you will see the   "PIR-29"   in the list       


The PIR -29 value change  between "0" & "1"


(2) USE I2C MCP23008 Port A as input Port


   (1)"i2c20in" initial address 20, Port A as input

(2) broadcast  "Update"   

(3) in Sensing --> Slider , you will see the

 " I2C0A-1 ~ I2C0A-8"   in the list

The I2C0A-1 value change  between "0" & "1"


Demo Python program

  IR.py     User Manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi  IR PIR Motion Sensor module

3x 20cm male to male cable

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi








   Scratch driver for Raspberry Pi

Pi_Scratch software



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