Raspberry Pi - MPU6050 

    3 Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module







The MPU-6050 sensor contains a MEMS accelerometer

and a MEMS gyro in a single chip. It is very accurate,

 since it contains 16-bits Analog to digital conversion

hardware for each channel. Therefore it captures the x, y,

and z channel at the same time. The MPU-6050 is not

expensive, since it combines both an accelerometerand a gyro.

 Name: MPU-6050 module   

(three axis gyro + three axis acceleration)
 Use chip: MPU-6050
 The power supply:

3-5 v (internal low voltage difference voltage stabilizing) 
 Communication: standard IIC communication agreement 
 Chip built-in 16 bit AD converter, 16 bits of data output 
 The gyroscope range: + 250 500 1000 2000 ° /s  
 Acceleration range: ± 2 ± 4 ± 8 ± 16 g  
 Support by our Pi_Scratch software   Detail 

Command " MPU6050" +"INIT"  to active MPU6050

 1.broadcast "MPU6050INIT" 

    2. broadcast “update”

 3. in Sensing --> Slider , you will see the

 " MPU-X, MPU-Y, MPU-Z" in the list

  Demo program:      python  gyroread.py  
  C : address 69  mpu6050-pi-69.tar     

Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi MPU6050 6 DOF module

5x 20cm male to male cable

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi



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