P-HAB ( High-Altitude Balloon) & GPS Tracker

 for Raspberry Pi - 3B B+ Pi Zero, Pi Zero W


1. uBLox Max-7Q  with Radiometrix NTX2B

2. uBlox NEO-M8T  with Radiometrix NTX2B

3. uBlox NEO-M8T  with Radiometrix MTX2


The NEO-M8T concurrent GNSS modules deliver high integrity, precision timing in demanding applications world-wide. Support for BeiDou and GLONASS constellations enables compliance with national requirements. Enhanced sensitivity and concurrent dual-constellation reception extend coverage and integrity to challenging signal environments. Survey-in and single SV timing reduce timing jitter, even at low signal levels, and enable synchronization to be maintained with as few as one single satellite in view. Support for low duty cycle operation reduces power consumption for battery-powered applications.
u-blox timing products include timing integrity measures with Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) and continuous phase uncertainty estimation. They feature high dynamic range radios with both analog and digital interference mitigation, supporting applications in wireless communications equipment.

Concurrent reception of GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Market leading acquisition and tracking sensitivity
Optimized accuracy and availability with Survey-in and single-satellite timing
Minimized power consumption with low duty-cycle operation
Maximized reliability with Integrity monitoring and alarms
Multi-GNSS Raw data, IMES Message data

uBlox M8  Product Summary

uBlox NEO-M8T  Data Sheet





 can use U-Center for Windows setting or test signal


For the project we have 3 different models each with their different components which suffice your need:

1. ublox NEO-M8T GPS module & ublox Max7Q

2. Radiometrix NTX2B 434.xxx Mhz 10mW modules.

    Radiometrix MTX2 433.xxx Mhz 10mW modules.    

3. TMP102 temp sensor to monitor Raspberry Pi temperature

4. BMP180  Barometric Pressure/Temp/Altitude Sensor

5.  i2c HTU21D   Digital Temp & Humidity Sensor

6. MCP3002 2 channel ADC voltage detect

7. 24c32 HAT EEPROM

8. TRACOPOWER 5V & 3.3V (TSR-1-2433 & TSR-1-2450) DC/DC converter

  (DC input Min 6.5V )

    up to 96% efficiency - No heat-sink required ( for longer battery life)

     5V provide to Raspberry Pi & Rs Pi P-HAB module board

9. Raspberry Pi Camera kit ( take photos save into SD card)



 uBlox NEO-M8T  with Radiometrix MTX2



 uBlox NEO-M8T  with Radiometrix NTX2B




 uBlox Max-7Q  with Radiometrix NTX2B




GPS antenna & FM antenna &

USB SDR Encoder (RTL2832U-based DVB-T devices (RTL-SDR)


the eduhab.py send GPS location, tmp102, DS18B20, BMP085, DHT22 information through FM UHF Transmitter,  the eduhab.py have 3 commands

eduhap.py -s   short data stream mode  send GPS location and BMP085 Temp only ,

                        but all logs save to SD card

eduhab.py -p             send data  also take photos every 30sec

eduhab.py -c  prid      change the data stream "twick" to "prid"




  log file save in SD card


  data format



  EDUHAB1     callsign

  00:33:27  TIME        

  253          LOG COUNTER

  52.472775,-1.90956       latitude, longitude   GPS location

  11       satellites           ---  ublox Max 7Q GPS module   

   1        flightmode        ---  ublox Max 7Q GPS module      

   149.5     altitude         ---  ublox Max 7Q GPS module

  -24.3 -24.3 -24.3 -24.3 -24.3 -24.3       temp          DHT22  - Temp   External       GPIO17

  57.6        humidity        DHT22 - Humidity          GPIO 17

  -23.2       temp2              BMP085   - Temp   External     i2c adress 77dress 77

  990.8      pressures2       BMP085  -  Pressure               i2c adress 77

  188.4      alt2                   BMP085   -  altitude               i2c adress 77

  1.0          temp3            TMP102    -  on board Temp     i2c address 49

  22.8         temp4            DS18B20    - Temp External      1-Wire GPIO 4


  Tracking using a SDR software defined radio (SDR)io (SDR)


  Run sdrsharp.exe and you will see the following window:




 open DL-Fldigi, click Configure → Sound Card Click Capture → SDR(Virtual Audio   Cable)

  You should now be able to click on the payload as normal and decode :


  received data with checksum ok




received data with checksum error



  short data stream mode 



full data stream mode 



Track balloon online






  Test & Monitor program

  Win 7  sdr-inatll.zip    dl-fldigi-dl3.1   VBCABLEDriver_PAck42b

 WinXp zadig   scr-install-xp.zip


  eduhab.tar      User Manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi P-HAB-bp-hv board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi




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