Raspberry Pi - RGB LED HAT

   RGB LED  for (apa102 / ws2812)     

  Raspberry Pi - RGB LED HAT  Board



Raspberry Pi - RGB LED HAT  Board

1. Provide RGB LED Power output connector

2. Provide i2c DS1307 RTC with CR1220 back-up battery

3. Provide WS2812 RGB LED output connect   can choose  use SPI signal / GPIO18

4. Provide apa102 /sk9822 output connect

5. Provide 3.3V power Regulator for 3.3V device

6. On board logic level converter for apa102 /ws2812 

7. Provide i2c bus 0 HAT EEPROM

8. Provide i2c bus 1 EEPROM                    

9. Provide 5 (GPIO) key input and 1 (GPIO) Green LED output          

10. support i2c 128x64 OLED screen               





 3D print case with 5cm DC fan & 128 x64 OLED screen





      one unit RGB LED matrix  16x26= 416 pixels     --  32cm x 50cm


16x26 per unit x4 = 32 x 52 = 1664 pixels


use 12pc 26x16 LED modules connect to 12pcs    --  104 x48  =  4992 pixels  --    200cm x 96cm 


example:  12pcs modules  (each module 26 x 16) --   104 x 48 = 4992 pixels  --   200cm x 96cm 



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  1x Pi RGB LED HAT Board

1x manual 



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