Raspberry Pi USB to Serial TTL Console adapter

with 100cm Micro USB cable & 6pin header




* Provide USB to serial Port , easy to use PC as terminal to access Pi

* Provide Arduino-Pro-Mini access pin easy upload program to Arduino

* Provide Pi pin1 to pin10 prototype area for easy modify use.

* Provide TXD, RXD LED for easy check status.

* Use FTDI FT232RL chip, support most OS

* Support OS information   FTDI Link



Plug-in Pi Model A/B



     Plug-in Pi 3B+


Plug-in Pi ZeroW


 easy upload program to Arduino-Pro-Mini


Example: Windows XP

           in Windows XP use putty open a serial port

   in Windows XP you can use Putty as Terminal in computer

    to access your Raspberry Pi 


Example : Windows 7



Example: Windows 10



     in Windows10 use Putty as Terminal access Raspberry Pi



 User manual

  Raspberry Pi USB console Adapter



Package Content

  1x Pi USB console adapter
  1x 100cm USB to Micro USB cable

1x 6pin header (for connect Anduino)

1x User manual 



Raspberry Pi

iPad  iPhone



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