Raspberry Pi -  P-HAB ( High-Altitude Balloon)

   RTL2832U+R820T USB SDR Encoder





USB SDR Encoder (RTL2832U-based DVB-T devices (RTL-SDR)


  Tracking using a SDR software defined radio (SDR)


  Run sdrsharp.exe and you will see the following window:




 open DL-Fldigi, click Configure → Sound Card Click Capture → SDR(Virtual Audio   Cable)

  You should now be able to click on the payload as normal and decode :


  received data with checksum ok




received data with checksum error



  short data stream mode 



full data stream mode 




  Test & Monitor program

 Win 7  sdr-inatll.zip    dl-fldigi-dl3.1   VBCABLEDriver_PAck42b

 WinXp  zadig   scr-install-xp.zip

  eduhab.py     User Manual


Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi USB SDR Encorder set

1x Antenna

1x Driver Disk

1 x Remote control

1x manual



Raspberry Pi



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