extra 2 UART Lite HAT for Raspberry Pi A+ B+ 2B 3B & Pi Zero





1. provide extra 2 UART TTL output

 TTL output signal  --> TX,RX,GND,3V3,CTS,RTS


2. i2c signal out GND,5V,SDA,SCL for extend extra UART HAT

3. It provides an individual 3.3V power for UART & output port

4. Provide HAT EEPROM for future driver program update.

5. Pi 3B & Pi Zero W still can use on board Bluetooth BLE & WiFi


Serial GUI Control Panel
Control up to 8 Serial Ports


  • 1. Scan: Scan for available UART devices.
  • 2. Launch cutecom together when starting Serial Port.
  • 3. Port number in system
  • 4. Baud Rate choose
  • 5.6.7.  UART Port  Information:  Port Address 0x48,0x49, 0x4c, 0x4d

              Chip Address Location, Channel Number ( 1 / 2 ), TX and RX receive counter,

              and Serial port Location /dev/pts/X

  • 8. Start : Start UART port


Also provided is a terminal command mode to activate serial ports through a terminal / ssh.
You can also activate a serial port on boot up with the provided software.
Commands for starting the serial ports via command line;
ADDR = Address of Serial Port e.g. 0x48, 0x49, 0x4C, and 0x4D
CHANNEL = Channel of serial Port ( 1 / 2 )
BAUD = Baud Rate for the Serial Port
DEVPTS = PICOM Service Number ( Will direct the filename to /dev/picomX where X = your number )

For example, To start a serial port from 0x49, on channel 2 with 115200 Baud run the following;
./Pi8s -a 0x49 -c 2 -b 115200 -s 1
This will activate the serial port and then set /dev/picom1 to your serial port location /dev/pts/X





1. device ->   /dev/pts/1        2 . Baud rate  38400

3. click Open device  

4. input AT command (HC-05 blutetooth module)

5. screen will show Bluetooth module response  

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  Software Pack

  User Manual



Package Content

  1x Rs-Pi 2xUART Lite HAT board

1x manual 



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