Raspberry Pi ESP8266 WiFi Serial Module AT Command




ESP8266 WiFi module AT command

ESP8266 WiFi serial module AT command  in CuteCom


ESP8266 WiFi serial module AT command example 
** Join Router 
AT+CWLAP     ---- search WiFi Network
AT+CWJAP="your ssid","password"     join your Router Spot
AT+CWJAP=?      ---- check if connected successfully


**** Acting as a TCP Client


Specify which connection channel you wish to connect on ( 0 - 4 ), the protocol type (TCP/UDP), the IP address (or domain if you have DNS access) and the port number using the CIPSTART command:


You should receive the response OK followed by Linked when the connection is open:


This time, instead of an “OK” response your will get a > prompt:

GET / HTTP/1.0

The module should respond with: SEND OK

The module should provide a second response once the web server responds:


The 4 indicates it’s data from connection channel 4 and the 529 indicates there’s 529 bytes of data. You should now see the data:

HTTP/1.0 302 Found

Cache-Control: private

Content-Type: text/html: .......



**** Acting as a TCP Server

1. Connect to a WiFi access point.

2. Enable multiple connections. AT+CIPMUX=1

3. Find out the IP address of the module: AT+CIFSR

Note the response, e.g.:

4. Set the module to listen (first parameter, mode is set to 1 ) for a connection on a specific port

(in this case port 1336): AT+CIPSERVER=1,1336

5. From another device on the same network connect to the listening port, e.g. with telnet:

use PuTTY login from PC

The module should display: Link

Type some text into the telnet session, e.g.: this is a book

The module should display the following ( 0 being the connection channel, 14 being the length of the data received: +IPD,0,14:this is a book   OK



use PuTTY Telnet function to login from PC


 ESP8266WiFi  Module

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