1.   Raspberry Pi IR Remote driver install & Setting.



lircd.conf & .lircrc   two files are setting for this remote control


1. sudo apt-get install lirc

2. sudo apt-get install python-lirc    


You can test the remote works with the mode2 program

after pressing some buttons, you get a series of pulse/space lengths then your Infrared Receiver is working.


2. Download   3   Remote control setting file         

 lircd.conf     lircrc    hardware.conf     


  Copy .lircrc   to /root   



Copy hardware.conf & lircd.conf to  /etc/lirc
or you can use sudo nano /ect/lirc/hardware.conf 
 sudo nano /etc/modules
 add    lirc_dev 
        lirc_rpi gpio_in_pin=23  



The  /etc/lirc/lirc.conf  file tells LIRC about your remote control. Since every remote control is different, you need to generate a different config for each remote control.

> cp /etc/lirc/lircd.conf /home/pi                 ( copy the file if it already exists as a backup )
> rm /etc/lirc/lircd.conf                                 ( need to remove first copy, irrecord won't overwrite )
> fuser /dev/lirc0                              ( check if /dev/lirc0 is occupied )
> sudo kill 1000                                ( Kill the process using dev/lirc0 )
> fuser /dev/lirc0                              ( Check to see if it is still running, if so sudo reboot, This is a bug )


  > sudo irrecord -f -d /dev/lirc0 /etc/lirc/lircd.conf --disable-namespace
    ( Run Irrecord on /dev/lirc0 with a config file at     /etc/lirc/lircd.conf  whilst disabling namespace )
... Follow instructions
... Use BUT_   at the start of the button names to make sure it does not overwrite  KEY_DOWN etc  

   which is a keyboard event.


The ~/.lircrc file is used to configure what other programs see from LIRC.

edit the .lircrc  file


type  irw you will see the system catch your key

  irw  read key when you press the remote control


irexec is a program that runs commands mapped to IR signals. It is configured using the ~/.lircrc file.

irexec   read key when you press the remote control


python IRR_v2.py read key


Support our scratch driver software, can be easy use in scratch

   Scratch driver software







1.broadcast "LIRREMOTEINIT

2. after broadcast  Press the key in remote control you want use in Scratch

in Sensing --> Slider ,    you will see the key you press in the list





 IR remote control Setting



      Scratch driver for Raspberry Pi

  Pi_Scratch software


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