Pi Zero Ethernet  W/Fan & Box

     extra Ethernet for Raspberry Pi - B2, B3 ,

     Pi Zero & Pi Zero W




 The Pi Zero/ W Net box provide 1 Ethernet connect , with HAT EEPROM, it's provide you a easy way plug&play in Raspberry all model  A+, B+, 2B ,3B, Zero, Zero W.


Pi Zero Net Box spec

1. on Board ENC28J60 chip

2. SPI communication interface

3. Provide 3.3V power regulator for Ethernet chip use, not use 3.3V from Pi.

4. Ethernet connector provide TX, RX indicate  Yellow/Green LED.

5. case with Micro SD card hole for easy insert and remove.

6. case with camera cable hole for you can install camera.

7. Provide HAT EEPROM easy for Plug & play use.

   Pi Zero Net  box Kits


  Pi Zero Net box demo



  plug-in Pi 3/Pi2 will have 2 ethernet in system   eth0, eth1



 plug-in Pi zero will have 1 ethernet in system   eth0


plug-in Pi zero W will have 1 ethernet in system   eth0, and WiFi IP  wlan0


   Case set with 30mm 5V DC fan (option)



User Manual


Package Content

   1x PiZero Net HAT board

1x manual 



Raspberry Pi






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