Pi4 4K Video Kodi player Setting

  Raspberry Pi 4B support HDMI 2.0 with dual micro-HDMI ports 

should be able to support up to two 4K displays at 30Hz or a single 4K display at 60Hz.

Raspberry Pi 4's new VideoCore 6 GPU can playback 4K@60FPS H.265-encoded video, and this is being targeted for support in the Kodi media centre. 

Max resolution 4K 60Hz +1080p or 2x 4K 30Hz


omxplayer doesn't support software decode at all, so it will only play back H264 and   MJPEG on Pi4. 

Latest versions of VLC should be able to use the hardware  HEVC acceleration.



The H.264 codec is a popular standard for high definition digital video. Itís a versatile codec that works with very high and very low bitrates. For example, it can send low resolution and highly compressed videos across the web and then can easily encode high definition movies at high bitrates to play on a HD television. The H.264 codec is often used with digital video cameras and camcorders and it uses the AVCHD container.



H.265, or High Efficiency Video Coding(HEVC), is a new video coding standard that specifies how to decode video, which is the successor to Advanced Video Coding (AVC), also known as H.264.



VP9 is YouTubeís open source alternative to HEVC.


MPG Ė MPEG Video File

The video file format integrates MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video and audio compression. MPEG-1 is almost exclusively used for VCDs (Video Compact Disks ). MPEG-2 (also known as H.262) is used for DVDs and broadcast HDTV.



I.   Kodi player

1.modify  /boot/config.txt


setting in   /boot/config.txt






4K demo  (Samsung 2014 HEVC) format video download   Here


use Kodi  play 4K video

 2.  sudo apt-get install kodi      ---     install kodi 17. 6



3. update to 18.4 

with support for hardware decoding of HEVC (h.265) files


Download Kodi 18.4  Leia pack  kodi-rpi4_18.4.0-5_armhf.deb


Install Kodi 18.4

sudo apt install ./kodi_rpi4-18.4.0-5_armhf.deb



    II. Install LibreELEC for media Player

  with Kodi 18.5  (Linux kernel 4.19.x)






Raspberry Pi4

4K Video




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