Rs-Pi MG995 Tower Pro Servo Motor 



    Tower Pro MG995 High-Torque, High-Power Servo   (ALL Metal Gears !)


Compliant with most standard receiver connector: Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, GWS etc. Great for truck, Boat, Racing Car, Helicopter and Airplane.


Steering gear definition of three lines:

Dark gray: GND
Red: VCC 4.8-7.2V
Orange line: pulse input




Power Supply: Through External Adapter.

Stable and Shock Proof. - Coreless Motor - Metal Gear - Double Ball Bearing with  Connector Wire, Length 300mm 

Dimensions : 40mm x 19mm x 43mm

Weight : 65.2g

Operating Speed : 0.17sec / 60 degrees (4.8V no load)

Operating Speed : 0.13sec / 60 degrees (6.0V no load)

Stall Torque : 13 kg-cm (180.5 oz-in) at 4.8V

Stall Torque : 15 kg-cm (208.3 oz-in) at 6V

Operation Voltage : 4.8 - 7.2Volts

Gear Type: All Metal Gears

Connector Wire: Heavy Duty, 11.81" (300mm) 


 Packet content:

100% Brand New !


1 x MG995 Servo

1 x Accessories Pack


Accessories Pack Contains;

1 x Star Servo Horn

1 x Cross Servo Horn

1 x Straight Servo Horn

1 x Round Servo Horn

2 x Rubber Grommets     

4 x Brass Grommet Caps 

4 x Servo Horn Screws





 Raspberry Pi




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